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Dr. Dean was all over my lingering hip and back pain from the very first minute I came into his office. Where other practioners fell short or misunderstood my running injury, Dr. Dean was able to see through my symptoms and cut straight to the source
Levi Younger
He sat me down, told me I just had things I needed to do to manage the pain, and in turn fix and eliminate the pain. He said that I could still run the race I had signed up for, and that I would actually become faster with his help! Who doesn’t like to hear that??
Meaghan McCluskey
I have had debilitating running related injuries for many years and Dr.Dean’s expertise has gotten me back to the trail’s I love! I am incredibly grateful. I previously competed as a national level triathlete and collegiate runner and have missed “my life” as an endurance athlete. I have signed up for my first trail half marathon in years and look forward to running pain free and continuing to implement the re-hab principles that Dr. Dean has instilled. Thanks again!
Glenda Culbertson

Located in the Multidisciplinary Hawthorne Wellness Center



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Learning in 2016

January 30th, 2016|0 Comments

2016 is still a year of learning, teaching,  growth and refining skills. Below is my full 2016 weekend schedule. Here is to a busy 2016! Cheers!

2016 courses

Jan 9-10 DNS sport 2 […]